Margaux Elektra Hansberry

Creative Director & Sales Strategist



Las Vegas, Nevada


BSA / Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Minor / Digital Arts

University of Colorado in Boulder


NV Production, Distribution, Dispensary, Cultivation Agent Card Holder (2023)

A Bit About Me


My passion is making the world a more beautiful and informed planet through sustainable product development, implementing creative marketing strategies, and team management promoting sales. As an artist and sociable person, I love bringing multiple talents together to paint the perfect picture of a brand. I have not only done so for my own businesses and as a creative sales and marketing director in the cannabis industry for the past three years, but I have also done so as an independent consultant to establish inhouse outsourced marketing teams. No matter the challenge or your needs, I look forward to increasing the value of your operation!

Work Experience

June 2020 - June 2021

February 2016 - June 2021

February 2019 - Present

August 2014 - December 2015

July 2012 - August 2014

September 2009 - July 2012

Built and managed marketing team during the pandemic with main goal to decrease cost and increase return on investment. Responsible for full creative direction on all advertising, marketing, and product development.

  • Allocated annual marketing budget towards national wholesale and dispensary marketing campaign goals in the State of Nevada

  • Management of photographer, videographer, website SEO, website copy, social media, text messaging, in store displays, merchandise, brand assets, billboards, print ads, etc.

  • Model and spokesperson for internal training videos and social media

Sales manager specializing in team building, communications, and strategic partnerships committed to increasing the company’s competitiveness, market share, and profitability resulting in ~140% increase in annual income. 

  • Created operating procedures for the wholesale sales and distribution departments operating within 100% compliance with 0 deficiencies

  • Long term strategic planning for brands’ state wide expansion with 74% account penetration and 91% retention

  • $0 to $680,000 monthly quotas established with minimum of 5% growth rate expected monthly

  • Created training guidelines, SOPs, public educational presentations, and team goals related to developing wholesale sales department

Developer and owner of a print on demand astrology report business in which I calculate a birth chart, print this on clothing / home goods, and create a custom complementing book to explain the birth chart. Responsible for coordinating participation in vending opportunities at national festivals as well as web sales.     

  • Above and beyond understanding of Shopify, Etsy, Facebook, and Instagram as effective sales avenues with up to 15% conversion rate

  • Exercise knowledge of digital marketing to create growth strategy

Used biology background with focus in botany to expand startup fertilizer and induction lighting line nationally. Creative community outreach to facilitate national sales as sales consultant in a highly competitive market. 

  • Worked nationally consulting farms, municipalities, cannabis growers, garden centers, and home gardeners to teach sustainable agriculture techniques

  • Applied for wholesale registration with the Department of Agriculture in every state for all products

  • Organized research and development studies when necessary for state approval and customer trials

  • Facilitated educational compost tea brewing pop ups at grow stores

  • Helped develop marketing for sales team, feed schedules, and community education

Launched organic dietary specific edible line in Denver, Colorado establishing over 75 clients with concentrates, infused flower, and edibles.  Flexibly facilitated transition from medical to recreational market sales.   

  • Initiated and fulfilled all Denver sales taking revenue from $0 - $180,000 in monthly sales

  • Organized events such as Cannabis Cups, sessions, and facility tours

Assorted dispensary jobs including cultivation and budtending experience allowed me to pursue a career in cannabis from a young age, before the regulations were released in Colorado.  

  • Managed MMJ America responsible for opening and closing the shop and maintaining inventory levels

  • Worked in cultivation facility at Boulder Wellness Center trimming, harvesting, watering, and feeding plants organic compost tea regimen

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Photo by Daniel Norin on Unsplash